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The Story So Far – Splinter Cell (Part 2)


With video game series spanning several games and years in-between production, the stories of some games fall through the cracks. When said game series come out with their new installments, everyone seems to be in love with what the game looks like and has to offer. But a lot of times, these games have story lines that span several games. Without playing these games and understanding the story, some gamers get lost and don’t understand the full nature. One of those games coming out, is Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Last time we discussed the first two games in the Splinter Cell series: Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. Today we’ll be talking about the game fans revere to be the best in the series thus far, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is actually the first game to feature both a single player and cooperative story mode. It should also be noted that Chaos Theory‘s cooperative mode also helped spawn X-Play’s Adventures of Bob and Steve, a short-run yet hilarious parody of the franchise.

sc3ctSplinter Cell: Chaos Theory (GCN, PC, PS2, Xbox)

In the single player story, Fisher returns in 2007 to locate a computer programmer Bruce Morganholt. He had been spending two years on deciphering Phillip Masse’s algorithm, the same that was used in the events of the first Splinter Cell game. The final product of his deciphering was called the Masse Kernels. Bruce had been captured by a local terrorist organization in Peru around the same time that tension rise between Japan and the U.S. and Korea. Fisher also get help from the leader of Third Echelon Colonel Irving Lambert, hacker Anna Grimsdóttir, and a new field support William Redding. It is also noted that Morganholt was under protection from Displace International, the PMC owned by Douglass Shetland introduced in Pandora Tomorrow.

When Fisher arrives in Peru and infiltrates the terrorist organization, he has arrived too late as Morganholt has been killed by electric shocks and the Masse Kernels have been transmitted to the terrorist’s leader, Hugo Lacerda, who is currently out at sea. After boarding Lacerda’s boat, he makes his way to Lacerda and begins to interrogate him, but unfortunately he does not have the Masse Kernels either. Fisher eliminates Lacerda, as per his orders, and tracks the weapons he was shipping.

Fisher then makes his way to a Panamania Bank he had to crack into before back in his CIA days, and gathers more intelligence on the group responsible for the attacks, and also manages to steal some money to make it look like it was just a simple bank robbery. After Fisher makes it back to HQ, someone uses the Masse Kernels and causes a blackout in both Japan and the Eastern Seaboard. Fisher heads to New York City on the lead from Panama looking for Abrahim Zherkhezi, one of Morganholt’s helpers on Project Watson. On his investigation, he finds out that Displace International is protecting him. Fisher finds himself breaking into the headquarters of Displace International to find where they have relocated Zherkhezi. He finds out that they have relocated him to Hokkaido under orders of Milan Nedich, who Grim later recognizes as the Bosnian war criminal Milos Nowak.

Fisher then goes to Hokkaido and eliminates Noawk only to arrives moments later as Shetland murders Zherkhezi and goes underground. Although wanting to hunt Shetland down, Fisher is reassigned to arrive in South Korea. The USS Walsh has been sunk by a missile attack originating from North Korea that had been claimed unintentional, but the U.S. and Japan do not buy the story, ultimately starting a war between U.S. and Japan against North and South Korea.

While Fisher is in Korea, Lambert asks him to interrogate a nearby guard on a second lead that he is working on. Fisher is put into contact with another Splinter Cell agent already in the field. Fisher, thinking he was the only Splinter Cell, demands an explanation from Lambert after the interrogation. Lambert simply replies with “Sam, you’re getting old.”

Fisher continues with his mission and finds out that Shetland and Displace International has been behind the attacks the entire time by using the Masse Kernels. He used the Kernels, gained by Zherkhezi, to launch the North Korean missile at the Walsh. By sinking the Walsh would send the U.S. into the scenario it is in currently, war. And Shetland would profit being the lead U.S. PMC. While in Seoul, Fisher needs to find out some information on the Korean UAV projects. Attempting to uploading them to a nearby aircraft, the aircraft is shot down by a SAM site and Fisher is forced to retrieve the data again and hand deliver it back to Third Echelon.

With that out of the way, Fisher returns to his hunt after Shetland. He’s sent to spy on Shetland and another source. This source happens to be the Japan Information Self Defense Force (I-SDF). The I-SDF betrays Shetland, now in the possession of the Masse Kernels, and plan to execute him. Shetland manages to shoot his way out and attempt to escape, only to find Fisher right on his tail. The two meet up on the roof of the building and find themselves in a Mexican standoff. Shetland then asks Fisher, “You wouldn’t shoot an old friend?” Fisher ends up killing Shetland by shoving him through the glass window and falling to his death. Fisher responds “You’re right. I wouldn’t shoot and old friend.”

But with the Japan I-SDF now in possession of the Masse Kernels, the threat is still not over. Admiral Otomo plans to use the Masse Kernels and restore Japan to Imperial rule. He also plans on using the Masse Kernels to launch a missile from North Korea to the heart of Japan to spark World War III. Fisher is sent into to stop him, along with the Japan Special Operations Group. Fisher gets to Otomo before he dies from committing seppuku and stands trial before the United Nations for the Korean crisis. All involving parties stand down from war and Fisher has yet again saved the world.

In the cooperative story mode, two new Splinter Cell agents, known only as Agent One and Agent Two, are beginning their training as the first Official-Unofficial Splinter Cells. They go to Panama to tie up the loose ends from the missions Fisher went on, attempting to figure out who was aiding Hugo Lacerda. They two infiltrate the bank not to rob it, but to find clues. After sifting through records, the find that bank was not only aiding Lacerda, but a North Korean smuggling operation. They two agents are promoted to “Splinter Cells-in-training”

In North Korea, they are sent to find a scientist, Jong-Pom-Chu. Unfortunately he had been recently moved by the North Korean Special Forces. Lambert informs the two agents to stand by as he contacts another agent, who happens to be Fisher. Fisher helps the two agents located Jong and the dialogue between the three of them end. Two then comment on the fact that there is another Splinter Cell agent, but One reassures that they are the only two Splinter Cell’s in Third Echelon. The agents from Jong, and escort him to a nearby truck where they depart.

The two are then sent back to a missile bunker in North Korea after the single player campaign has ended. They are to find out what Jong was planning. They find out that they were developing viral weapons. Lambert orders the two to make a anti-virus, retrieve a sample of the actual virus, and then leave. The two agents are then called back into action in New York City to help stop a North Korean bombing that involves the virus. Jong is ordered to help the agents disarm the bombs and retrieve the virus samples.

It’s then the agents are sent back to North Korea to investigate a nuclear power plant and find information on an officer known as Kim, who is behind the whole situation. After gathering the information, they’re sent back to New York and the United Nations building to stop Kim from releasing the virus before an important meeting. They succeed in stopping the bomb and killing Kim.

Next time we’ll review the fourth game which has received mixed reviews depending on which console you played it on: Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

The Story So Far - Splinter Cell (Part 2), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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    I think Chaos Theory is one of the games in the series that I missed. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t there a new Splinter Cell game due to come out very soon?

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