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Review – Tritton AX720: Dolby Digital Gaming Headset


Tritton AX 720

The Scoop:

If you own any combination of an Xbox 360, PS3, or PC, then the Tritton AX 720 gaming headset is for you.  Not only does the  AX 720 connect to both gaming consoles as well as the PC, but the gaming headset also produces a simulated 3D audio environment through the included Dolby Digital Decoder.


The Setup:

Use the included 3 ft. audio optical cable to connect an Xbox 360 or PS3 to the back of the Dolby Digital Decoder.  If you jump between both systems pretty frequently then you may want to consider picking up a Toslink 3-way splitter.  This little device allows you to connect up to 3 optical sources to 1 optical input (in this case, the Dolby Digital Decoder).

Next, plug the 12 ft. cable from the AX 720 gaming headset into the front of the Dolby Digital Decoder.  For Xbox 360 voice chat, connect the controller to the inline audio controller with the included cable.  For PS3 voice chat, connect the USB cable from the back of the Dolby Digital Decoder to the PS3 console.  Finally, connect the detachable microphone to the AX720 and then give the Dolby Digital Decoder some juice by plugging in the AC adapter.

If you’re using a PC, unplug the AX720 from the Dolby Digital Decoder, and attach the included G6 PC adapter.

Yep, you’re gonna use a few cables.

What’s Hot:

One word: Flexibility.  I was sold when I found out that the Tritton AX720 gaming headset was compatible with both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  PC compatibility is just icing on the cake.

The simulated 3D surround sound works really well and is very accurate.  You will definitely know which direction death is coming from.  For me, the bass was right in the middle.  Not too overpowered but still had a little kick to it.

The detachable microphone is a lifesaver.  Not going online to talk smack  to the 12 year olds who wipe the floor with you? Just unplug the microphone from the AX720 and set it to the side. Just don’t lose it, kay?

The audio inline controller is right by your side and takes care of everything. You can adjust the headset and microphone volumes separately, and there is even an option to mute your microphone.


What’s Not:

Two separate audio volume controls, one on the Dolby Digital Decoder box and one on the inline controller.  You have to adjust both to find that sweet spot.  My recommendation – pump the volume on the Dolby Digital Decoder all the way up and then adjust the inline controller as you see fit.

The included audio optical cable is only 3 ft. long, so you need to keep the Dolby Digital Decoder close to your gaming systems.

No Wii compatibility. What? For real?

The Ax 720 are heavy and bulky, but luckily they aren’t uncomfortable.

Final Verdict:

The two reasons why you would want to consider the Tritton AX 720 gaming headphones are as follows:

  • You play games across multiple platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  • You want a surround sound gaming headset with voice chat capabilities

The Tritton AX 720 retails for $129.99, so yeah, they’re a little expensive.  But when you consider what you’re getting it doesn’t seem so bad.  A decent gaming headset with voice chat can range from $50-$75, and that’s just for one system.   On top of the price for each headset you also have to worry about having a separate headset for each gaming platform!  Don’t go through all that trouble, save yourself the clutter and money and invest in a pair of Tritton AX 720′s.

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