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Review – Resident Evil 5



Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Platform(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Third-Person Action

ESRB Content Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

The Scoop: On March 30, 1996, Capcom released the very first Resident Evil in North America for the Sony Playstation. Not only did the game become iconic in the fact that it popularized the survival horror genre, but gamers were also captivated with it’s complex story and gameplay. Several sequels and remakes have been released since for numerous consoles, all of which have been great titles in their own perspective.

While the Resident Evil games have become very popular around the world, they have lost a lot of  what attracted the old-school Resident Evil fans. While Resident Evil 5 remains very nice to look at, it can be quite a headache to play as the series has gone downhill in my opinion.

The Setup: Taking on the role of returning character, Chris Redfield, you’re sent out to Africa to join up with BSAA member, Sheva Alomar. Chris is sent out to the rural town to accompany Sheva in the apprehension of Ricardo Irving, who is selling bio-organic weapons on the black market. Once arriving, everything seems to be cool, but like most Resident Evil games, things quickly turn salty shortly after the start of the game.

What’s Hot:

  • Graphics: The graphics remain as the strongest part of this game in my opinion. Many rumors circulated about the graphics before release that sounded very awesome like disoriented vision after walking from a lit area into a dark one and other things that aren’t present, but it doesn’t hurt this games visual aspects at all. Redfield is on ‘roids and has changed a lot since his last appearance in a Resident Evil game, but he looks pretty decent in this release. Everything else looks top notch, especially the bosses that you face off against.
  • New Co-Op Gameplay: I never thought of adding co-op to a Resident Evil title, as most the games in the franchise have focused on surviving alone and not with another person. While I prefer adventuring survival horror games by myself, the fact that Capcom allows co-op for this partnered survival horror is quite nice as I can kill the possessed with friends that own the game.

What’s Not:

  • Gameplay: The option to walk/run while shooting isn’t present here which can be really lame during battle as well as the lack of a covering system.
  • AI: Don’t count on much help from your partner AI while playing the game solo as most the time she’ll just stand there and try to blend in with her enviornments. It can be really frustrating especially during those boss battles.

Final Verdict: I feel that this game has been rated way to high by most critics. The reviews I’ve read have been fifty/fifty as new gamers to the franchise seem to enjoy the game a lot while the older gamers like myself seem to find Resident Evil 5 to be a pretty big letdown. The game is beautiful and does have some pretty cool co-op but it’s not enough to save the game for me since when I play Resident Evil, I get the idea that I’m about to play a survival horror and not an action third-person shooter game. So like I said, for new gamers, I definitely recommend a rental, where as to older Resident Evil fans that have been disappointed as of late with their favorite survival horror franchise, I’d recommend moving onto bigger and better games as this one just hasn’t had it lately.

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  1. carr says:

    there is a cover system in this game but it’s limited to hotspots and therefor makes it useless…it can come in handy if ur in the right place at the right time. as for the gameplay it’s the same as re4 but in my opinion both re4 and re5 shouldn’t be called resident evil at all…once zombies are parasites then it’s not resident evil. i love this game tho

    VA:F [1.9.8_1114]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

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