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Review – Just Cause 2


Just_Cause_2Publisher: Square Enix, Inc
Developer: Avalanche Studios, Eidos Interactive
Platform(s): PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action

Rating: Mature 17+
ESRB Content Descriptors: Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Sexual Themes, Violence

The Scoop: Mercenaries meets Bionic Commando in this sequel to the 2006 original.

The Setup: Rico Rodriguez is flown in by the Agency to the fictional island of Panau to stop both a new dictator and his former boss, who has gone rogue.

Just Cause 2 is set up as an open-world action game like Mercenaries. You’ll team up with different factions to help stop the Panau government as well as sabotage military instillations. In fact, the core of the game is to find all of the military instillations and destroy key structures including fuel tanks, radio towers, SAM sites, etc. By destroying these structures you’ll gain both Chaos points and cash. Chaos points allow you to automatically unlock new missions, strongholds, or even black market merchandise. You also can get an overall Chaos points and cash for clearing out sections of the island from the Panau government.

Rico comes armed with two weapons: a grappling hook and a parachute. With the grappling hook, Rico can climb areas, hijack cars, helicopters, or even airplanes, or even use it in conjunction with your parachute to just skim in the air using the parachute like a rowboat in water. In addition, players are also encouraged to find other weapons as well as  weapon, vehicle, and armor upgrades throughout the game. Weapon and vehicle upgrades will allow players to enhance said items to perform better as vehicles or deal more damage and a higher capacity for weapons. By collecting just five of many armor upgrades, the player’s health will also increase.

What’s Hot: Essentially there is nowhere a player can’t go, no vehicle you can’t hijack, or person you can’t kill. Whether it’s stunt jumping from one car to another or even HALO jumping, the game let’s you have as much freedom as you want. Having that freedom can get you out of a jam sometimes, too.

The game also adjusts to the amount of destruction you are causing. A Heat Meter is applied like that of the police meter in Grand Theft Auto. The more destruction, the more the government will send anything to stop you, the more toys you can hijack.

Finally, Just Cause 2 adds a hit detection system. Depending on where the bullet strikes, the game will adjust accordingly to natural reactions. So whether you’re shooting at the leg of an enemy, the tires of a truck, or even the tail of a helicopter, the game will adjust the damage and realism.

What’s Not: Unfortunately, the enemies in Just Cause 2 have attended Uncharted Bad Guys School of Shirtless Armor. In short, enemies take a while to die. Even simple melee attacks might have to strike three or four times to kill an enemy wearing little to no armor. Then there are some enemies that will eat an entire clip before they go down. By the time you’ve taken down one enemy, three more have come out of nowhere to help.

But more than that, it seems that there is just no end to the military forces. Even if you’ve 100% cleaned out a military camp, the enemy will continue to respawn and try to kill you. Although there are rewards for cleaning out a base, it’s just not worth it sometimes.

Finally, more really of a nitpicking detail, Just Cause 2 lacks cooperative support. Although the game is a wonderful single player game, and it wouldn’t really fit the story with a second player, it would only add to the fun of the game with another player.

Final Verdict: With a nice flow and almost endless ways to play, it is one of the best open-world action game that is out on the market.

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