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Review – Homefront


What’s Hot:

  • A Cool and Original Setting – Many people can complain about how unlikely of a scenario Homefront presents us with, it is still a pretty cool setting; no one ever said this was a nonfiction title. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had a similar concept in which America was holding back an attack on Washington D.C. by a Russian military bent on revenge. As futile as the attack by Russia was it made for some of the most chilling moments in FPS history because American’s have no real concept of being invaded, it hasn’t even been attempted in 200 years so it isn’t really something we often think about. What Homefront does is take this concept one step further as America is at its most vulnerable and the Korean invasion has actually succeeded quite well, leading to much of the west coast being occupied and most other areas of the U.S. in complete disarray.
  • Some of the Best Multiplayer I’ve Played in a Long Time – If there is one thing that Homefront does right, it is multiplayer. There aren’t a whole assortment of modes, and it won’t be finding itself running in the MLG anytime soon, but a 32 player game of Battle Commander is one of the most fun ways you can spend a half hour. Battle Commander is a game of Ground Control, which is where both teams fight to control 3 control points which will slowly fill up the point meter. Once the meter is all the way full the round is over and the losing team must retreat back to defend the next set of control points while the winning team must press forward for victory, whichever team wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match. For scoring kills you will earn Battle Points which can be used to purchase in match upgrades such as vehicle spawns, airstrikes, and a series of useful and fun to control drones (remote control cars with military weapons and equipment attached to them). The final aspect is the battle commander himself, who will issue small goals to certain players throughout the match. If an opposing player is on a good kill streak or a certain area is being well fortified than some of the players will be commanded to specifically deal with those nuisances in exchange for bonus points, while the opposing players will garnish extra rewards for the longer they are able to defend from the onslaught, the longer they hold the better their rewards, but the more players will be assigned to specifically kill them.
  • Drones – I love using drones; you have no idea. The Wolverine (WOLVERINES!!!) is basically a small RC tank with a machine gun mounted on it, great for sneaking around the enemy position and mowing them down when they aren’t paying attention. The Parrot is also probably the most useful thing ever in ground control, allowing you to mark targets so your teammates won’t be caught off guard during an assault or defense. Most people who aren’t team players don’t think this is important, but I have never had a good kill streak without a player controlled parrot above me keeping me in the know. There is also a heavy weapon drone (The Rhino) and an air assault one (The Buzzard) which many people have made good use of, but I can’t express my love for those as much as I’m not as good with them.

The resistance members must hide out in the back yards of suburban houses, not where I would pick but it gets the job done.

What’s Not:

  • Mediocre and Short Single Player Campaign – I finished Homefront in about three and a half hours, and I really can’t tell you a single scene that was memorable. As cool as the setting was the story was regrettable to say the least. Even what should have been the pinnacle of awesome, a full on battle to retake the Golden Gate Bridge was mostly spent underneath the bridge walking on catwalks and girders while shooting the pointlessly large number of enemies who repelled down. The game tried to convince me that I should care about these characters by default, just because they were American’s in the struggle. But I was given so little development on them that all I did when most of them died was try to find a way to skip the scene, it wasn’t very well done at all. The only people I ever gave a damn about were the random citizens who were being executed or dumped into mass graves, so I guess it succeeded in that respect.
  • Overdone Gameplay and Mediocre Graphics – Have you played Call of Duty: Black Ops? Then you’ve played Homefront. They are virtually identical as far as gameplay goes; but CoD:BlOps looked a hell of a lot prettier while doing it. Movement seems stiffer than it should and picking up new weapons in the field is so touchy that it will often result in death while you line yourself up perfectly with the dropped weapon. Clipping is also an issue: enemies will shoot you behind total cover like it was nothing. A concrete barrier may do nothing for you, while a piece of particle wood will defend a KPA soldier for all of eternity… I also got stabbed to death in the foot through a church wall in a multiplayer match while I was taking position on the ground, that was some bullshit.
  • Online Pass – I am all for companies making money, don’t get me wrong, but I think there are better ideas than charging extra money for a major component of the game. If you want people to buy new, take a page from Mass Effect 2 and offer bonus content. If I want to lend the game to a friend or my brother they won’t be able to play multiplayer past level 5 (which is before the awesome 32 player mode opens up) without shelling out 10 extra bucks.

Final Verdict: Homefront’s multiplayer is almost inexplicably addicting, but the single player is so dry that you may wish you waited for the bargain bin. It isn’t the worst FPS experience you will have but you’re better off sticking to the major titles for a solid fix.

*A lot of people have been complaining about the multiplayer being laggy and hard to connect to. I can honestly say with the exception of release date I did not have these problems at all, which is why I did not touch on it.*

Review - Homefront, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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    Oh wow only a 3.5 hr single player campaign?

    Definitely interested in the multiplayer though. I still may have to check this one out.

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