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Review – Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure


Henry_Hatsworth_boxPublisher: EA Games
Developer: EA Tiburon
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure

Rating: Everyone
ESRB Content Descriptors: Cartoon Violence

The Scoop: Take away the old guy with the sword and tea for a minute.  Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is half platformer and half “match 3” puzzle game.  The two genre’s by themselves can be pretty addicting, but this game mashes the two genres together to create twice the addiction and twice the fun.  Ok, bring back the old guy.

The Setup: Henry Hatsworth is a British chap (did I use that term right?) who is a member of the Pompous Adventurer’s Club, where his hobby is searching for treasures.  The latest treasure hunt Henry sets off for is in search of a legendary golden suit that grants the wearer special powers, but the pieces of the suit are spread over five different locations.  So let the treasure hunting begin!

While you take Henry on his adventure to find this mysterious golden suit, you’ll quickly notice that that your two DS screens serve different purposes.  The top screen is where all of your 2D platforming action takes place (along with the story progression), and the bottom screen is where the “match 3” puzzle game comes into play.  Just like any true platformer, you progress vertically/horizontally through each level, hacking and slashing enemies, dodging ranged attacks, and maneuvering obstacles and hazardous traps.


As you play through each level, you have to switch down bottom screen to play in the Puzzle Realm, and you do this pretty frequently.  You move and switch blocks horizontally trying to make a match of at least 3 colored blocks vertically or horizontally, but most importantly you need to keep an eye out for both monster blocks and power-up blocks.  Monster blocks actually appear in the puzzle on the bottom screen as you defeat enemies on the top screen during your platforming adventures.  If you do not eliminate these monster blocks before they reach the very top, they will come back on the top screen to take their painful revenge on you.

To add to the challenge of balancing between the two screens, there is a puzzle meter that allows you to stay in the Puzzle Realm for a short period of time. It might not sound like a big deal at first, but if you run out of juice in your puzzle meter, you might run into some sticky situations where you find enemy blocks getting ready to pop out of the Puzzle Realm and back on the top screen. Luckily you will get to add more time to your puzzle meter as you kill enemies on the top screen, just remember to finish them off in the Puzzle Realm and not give them the chance to come back!

On top of all of that, there is one more meter that you will want to keep an eye on, and that’s your super meter.  As you clear puzzle pieces, energy in your super meter will increase, and you will get ammunition for special attacks and ranged attacks.  If you fill the super meter once, you will transform into a younger chap, granting extra health and a shiny gold outfit.  Fill it again and you can activate “Tea Time”, which allows Henry Hatsworth to dawn the mighty robot suit.  In this mighty, not so Gundam-like, robot suit, Henry can unleash some devastating attacks, but also lose energy in his super meter.

What’s Hot:

  • 30 levels of puzzle and platforming gaming action.
  • Both the puzzle and platforming gameplay is top notch and rates up there with the best in both genres.
  • Colorful and charming presentation as well as a great cast of characters
  • Addicting gameplay, perfect for the Nintendo DS.

What’s Not:

  • Gameplay difficulty quickly increases, which is good news for hardcore gamers but can also be a turnoff for casual gamers.
  • Switching between the top and bottom screens can be a bit frantic – good micromanagement comes into play.

Final Verdict: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure takes a Bejeweled-style puzzle game, mixes in some classic platforming action, and blends the two together to create a refreshingly fantastic experience. The crazy concoction created by the two different styles of gameplay offered some enjoyably addicting gaming that surprised many DS gamers, including myself. And on top of that, who knew that sipping a cup of tea would give you a pretty awesome golden robot suit!

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