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Review – Gormiti: The Lords of Nature!


Publisher: KONAMI
Developer: KONAMI

Nintendo Wii, DS
Players: Wii: 1-2, DS – 1
Purchase from: Amazon, Gamestop

The Scoop: Take control of the Lords of Earth, Sea, Air, and Fire and battle through the world of Gorm in order to save Earth from Magmion, the evil Lava Gormiti.

The Setup: Based off of the highly successful Gormiti toy brand and TV series, Gormiti: the Lords of Nature! plunges gamers right into the Island of Gorm where armies from the various elemental forces of nature are battling it out.

In the midst of the war stands the evil Lava Gormiti, Magmion, who discovers a tale of five sacred amulets spread across the Island of Gormiti. Once the five sacred amulets have been discovered and reunited an inter-dimensional portal to Earth will be opened, allowing Magmion to reign destruction in both worlds.

Fortunately for us earthlings Magmion will have his hands full, as the four lords of Nature plan to foil all his evil plans and save Earth.

What’s Hot: Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! is a game that blends puzzle and combat mechanics together in order to provide a pretty interactive adventure. Puzzle challenges, such as moving parts of a bridge around to connect two pieces of land together, aren’t too complicated or challenging and are definitely age appropriate for the current Gormiti fan base. Whether you’re fighting off lava men or solving a puzzle, there is always something going on.

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature is a very “team” based game in the sense that players are often required to switch between the different Lords and use their special abilities to overcome certain obstacles.  One section of a level may require you to control the Lord of Sea and swim across a river to activate a switch, while another section would need the Lord of Earth’s abilities to create a bridge made out of vines.  This is a really well designed feature as gamers will get to play as all the characters instead of just choosing one and leaving the other three to sit on the bench.

The game also features some bonus material in the form of a sliding jigsaw puzzle, which becomes unlocked as gamers collect up to 16 egg-like items in each level.  The puzzles represent different characters in the game and upon successful completion of the puzzle, gamers are treated to a fun little reward.

As a game based on a licensed toy brand and TV franchise, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! is pretty darn accurate when it comes to recreating the characters and environments.  This is definitely something that would be more appreciated by fans of the toy brand and TV franchise, rather than the average gamer who hasn’t dabbled much in the Gormiti world.

The graphics aren’t anything earth shattering, but the characters, environments, and animations are very colorful and bright, just like you’d expect from a video game based off of toys and a TV series.  The added FMVs and animated cut scenes are a nice addition and are fairly well done.

What’s Not: The controls (at least on the DS version) were unreliable and didn’t always respond to my input.  Sometimes it would take a second or two for the characters to follow my stylus other times my stylus attacks didn’t register.

When controlling the group of Lords together, there were times where one of the Lords would get stuck in an entrance way or behind an object, and I would be force to just select that one character and navigate the Lord back up to the rest of the group.

Even though the blend of puzzles and combat work out nicely and keeps the game lively, both mechanics are watered down and straight forward.

In most cases of video games based off of licensed products the game is heavily geared towards pleasing the current fan base of the franchise, and Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! is no different.  Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! is targeted towards younger gamers and fans of the Gormiti toys and TV series, so anyone that doesn’t fit in either of those categories may have a hard time getting drawn into the game or sticking with it.

Since the game is really targeted towards the current Gormiti fan base, it never really explains any of the background or lore to the whole Gormiti universe.  Why do these four teenagers have the ability to transform into a Lord of Nature?  Who is this Razzle fellow and why is he here?  These are just some of the questions that you will ask yourself if you know nothing about the series prior to playing this game.

Final Verdict: For fans of the Gormiti toys and TV series, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! will make a good addition to your growing Gormiti collection.  The characters and environment seem to stay pretty true to the franchise and gamers get to experience saving the world as all four Lords of Nature.  Younger gamers who don’t know much about the Gormiti series should still be able to enjoy Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! as it’s a very easy game to pick up and offers easy to follow tutorials.

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature! for the Nintendo Wii and DS is currently available from Amazon and Gamestop.

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