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Sucked In #1 – World of Warcraft | Level Up News

Sucked In #1 – World of Warcraft


Everyone has their own game series that they love and others they just don’t quite understand. After some debate, and possible peer pressure, you find yourself playing a game series you just don’t want to play. Then the worst happens, you’re sucked in. Every month we will discuss a new game that we just can’t seem to stop playing for some reason, that is to say until a new shiny comes along.

Tell me, Why? Why now?

For years, my friends have tried to get me to play World of Warcraft, and for a while I was quite content with not playing it. There’s nothing that I personally have against this game, it’s just I didn’t have the time, nor the computer that could handle such a game. But after a friend of mine was able to build myself and my sister a decent gaming PC, I started diving into games such as Left 4 Dead, Star Wars: Empire at War, and other various games. However, MMO’s were not my thing. I already owned an Xbox 360 and was paying for the online play of that, so why would I pay two monthly subscriptions for two completely different titles?

It was the year before that I had actually purchased World of Warcraft to give it a shot. Unfortunately the way that my service was set up, I kept having latency issues and was being disconnected. So I decided that since I had put off World of Warcraft for so long and saying how it would waste my life that my computer was trying to save my soul. After all, this is the game that has the option to buy a USB powered soul-taking device that you can use while playing the game.

I did manage to find myself playing other types of MMO’s, that being Champions Online and Star Trek Online, both developed by Cryptic studios. But I never actually had enough friends that would sit down and play side-by-side. In fact, the majority of Champions Online I played by myself. The most I had with Star Trek was the standard five player party. Now with Star Wars: The Old Republic sometime in the near future, I find myself itching to play one of those two again.

It was about two weeks ago where I had took a mini-vacation with my friends in which we spent four days procrastinating. Of course, the majority of them there were avid World of Warcraft fans. When I got home, and talking about how awesome the vacation was, it was back to business as usual. Then, it happened.

One of my friends had been trying to find Christmas gifts for everyone, and something was about how we should all get into World of Warcraft seeing as the new expansion back Cataclysm is coming out. Our trusty tank in Halo: Reach had just recently received a laptop and was given it as a gift. All of a sudden, they’re planning on building a guild and starting out as certain classes. Then they turn to me. I kindly inform them that I don’t play the game. I said how I owned the battle chest, but I never got it to work and it would just be too late for me to join in.

The next day, he shows up to work and hands me a copy of the Wrath of the Lich King and a pre-order for Cataclysm. “You’re playing,” is all he said. I sighed as I grabbed the box. It was empty. “Digital version,” he replied. I sighed again. Let the patching commence.

You could customize your mech anyway you wanted. Mine had a giant satellite. That meant I couldn't have any big guns sadly.

Now, whatever video game I play, whether that is Rainbow Six, Battlefield, or even MMO’s like Star Trek Online, I always play one of two characters: a healer and a commander/tank. For example, in games like Rainbow Six and the late Chromehounds, I was the commander. Most of the time I was looking at a map, figuring out where the enemies were, and coordinating positions with my other teammates to engage the hostiles.

In Battlefield 2 I was a commander whereas in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I was the medic. In fact the best story playing that game was when I was a medic and my entire team followed me until the fighting happened, then they took point, and I patched them up.

In Star Trek Online, I played the engineering class, the equivalent to a paladin in World of Warcraft. I was both the tank and the medic. Needless to say, guess what class I picked when I finally got into the game? It should be noted that for a while I was going to pick priest and be pure 100% medic, but James gave me a sound reason to start as a paladin in by saying that paladins have plate armor and priests are squishy.

So I loaded up World of Warcraft and started my paladin character. I don’t think I’ve played another game besides this in the past 72 hours. It’s not like I haven’t done anything else in the past 72 hours, it’s just I haven’t played a different game in the past 72 hours; two different scenarios. And seeing as there’s only one gaming PC in the house, I do have to give up on it when my sister is in a mood to play The Sims 3.

What can I say about this game now that I’m playing it? Well, I like it. I can understand how people can get roped into it and start playing this game for a long time. The only thing is there are some quests I would not ever want to do again, but there hasn’t been a quest that I’m sad is over like in Star Trek Online.

For those that have never played a MMO before, let me break it down to you. From a casual observation, each race in World of Warcraft has its own starting zone, but will be able to travel to other zones in the game. This way you’re not stuck replaying the same starting sequence over and over again, such as games like Cryptic’s Champions Online and Star Trek Online. But there are certain quests known as “fetch quests.” Essentially it’s a quest in which an NPC asks you to gather X amount of an item or several items. Some of these can be very boring and may not pay off in the long run. But so far in World of Warcraft, I have not come across a quest in which I have gone “I wish I could play that again.”

The Doomsday Machine vs Me

Now let it be known that I am both a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars. While playing Star Trek Online, there was a mission in which you faced off against the Doomsday Machine from the original Star Trek TV series. By far, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in an MMO. Unfortunately with most MMO quests, you’re unable to replay a mission without starting a brand new character.  So it was somewhat sad when I had completed the quest and moved onto my next mission.

So what can I say, I like it. Of course right now I’m soloing, but even still it’s an enjoyable game. As I was told by one of my friends, “congratulations, you have been assimilated by the Borg.”

My name is Jeffrey, and I’m a paladin.

Next month: Minecraft

Sucked In #1 - World of Warcraft, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  1. Do you need all of the expansion packs to start playing?

    PS The Doomsday machine is my favorite eps of TOS.

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