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The Smurfs Movie Storybook Now Available on iOS


The Smurfs iOS AppThe Smurfs are a bit more iconic for us “old school” parents than the younger crowd. None-the-less, the best thing about the little blue creatures is that no matter your age, they tend to grow on you. So when I saw that iStoryTime had released The Smurfs movie storybook for the iPhone and iPad, I jumped at the chance to download and share with my daughter.

The Smurfs, or Les – Schtroumpfs as the French say, was introduced by Belgian cartoonist Peyo 1958 and of course became a very popular cartoon series later on in the U.S. Now, this week, it is hitting the big screen on Friday for its theatrical release (via Sony Pictures) with a long list of characters. Luckily, you can check out the storybook app for exclusive video and audio content from the film.

When you launch The Smurfs storybook, you are presented with three options for reading, including Read it Myself for those kids who are a bit more advanced in the reading category, Read to Me for the more beginning reader or hands off reader and Auto Play for complete automation. Auto Play is also great for when you’re in the car and you want to pass back to your kids, but want to focus on the road and not flipping pages.

The Smurfs storybook follows the magical little creatures Papa Smurf, Grouchy, Brainy, Clumsy, Gutsy, and Smurfette on their exciting and unimaginable journey to a faraway land called New York City. Fleeing the Evil Wizard Gargamel and his sneaky cat Azrael, the six Smurf friends end up in the apartment of a young couple that is equally surprised by their arrival. With their special humor and a great heart, the Smurfs turn their world upside down and bring fun and action to their everyday routine.

The story is really great and offers a sneak peak into the actual film. The app also includes a Spot the Difference type mini game where three scenes from the movie are presented one-by-one and the munchkin has to pick out what’s missing in the scene. Once it’s located, you tap on the object and a little outline of the object appears. Find all of them and the game is won.

For the $2.99 price tag, The Smurfs movie storybook is an easy purchase, especially if you’re a big fan of the little blue creatures. The app is more than entertainment, it’s a great tool for helping your children through the different stages of reading and literacy, i.e. auto play, read to me and read it myself.

The Smurfs Movie Storybook Now Available on iOS  


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