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App Review – Time Crisis 2nd Strike thumb shooting fun


This rail-shooter is adrenaline-packed full of bad guys. And the only thing between you and total domination are your opposable thumbs.

Time Crisis 2nd Strike form NAMCO delivers on gameply, graphics and soundtrack.

Publisher: NAMCO
Platform(s): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Genre: Games
Rated 9+
Price: $9.99
- Infrequent/Mild Cartoon of Fantasy Violence
Purchase From: Apple App Store

The Scoop: Legend has it that Chuck Norris won a hotdog contest without eating. Consequently, Mr. Norris is also the one person who can kill with only the use of his thumbs, until now. That’s right, NAMCO has blessed the rest of us with Time Crisis 2nd Strike for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This rail-shooter is adrenaline-packed full of bad guys. And the only thing between you and total domination are your opposable thumbs.

The Setup: Opposable thumb killers start out as global agent Giorgio Bruno racing against time (Jack Bauer style) to stop terror attacks from the world’s most evil forces. But how well does this game perform on the smaller screen? Perfectly.

Users can control reloading and ducking straight from the onscreen display. This makes for an extremely intuitive and intense gameplay as Bruno takes on the world… by himself. This seems a fairly daunting task as Bruno completes his missions such as a VIP rescue, recovering stolen weapons and then the finale of figuring out how to take down a nerve gas / nuke device before the entire world goes boom.

Players will enjoy the countless enemies splattered with just one (or two or three) taps of the thumb throughout the game. I found myself trying to guess where these bobble heads were going to pop up next and that burned me several times. The challenge of this made the game even more interesting.

Don’t forget to use the duck function as this will definitely help as bullets are deadly. Especially deadly are the red or orange-clad enemies so make sure to target them first.

Players are also up for quite the surprise ending. It’s not a spoiler alert by any means, but the last finale is fantastical. Game on.

What’s Hot:

- Easily controlled, quick slide and tap for machine gun fire
- Multi-kill options with standard-issue handgun as well as machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher
- Episode Mode, Competition Time Attack Mode and Competition Score Assault Mode will keep you coming back for more

What’s Not:

- If you’re not into shooters, the $9.99 price tag may shock you… but this is no game to judge by its price. It is well worth the sticker price.

Final Verdict: Personally, I felt this rail shooter was on point. From its intense gameplay to cutting edge graphics and beautifully planned soundtrack, Time Crisis 2nd Strike hits on all levels. A must have, especially if you liked the original Time Crisis Strike.

Download at the Apple App Store.


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